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From Fair to Deep, the new $7.99 Maybelline Dream Brightening Creamy Concealers

[whisper] I’ll admit it, when it comes to drugstore concealers, I’ve always been kind of a snob.[/whisper]

I blame it on my teenage years… I started out wearing mostly drugstore products (back in the ’90s), and I had SUCH a hard time finding face products, like foundations and concealers, that matched my skin tone.

It was a ROUGH time for tan girls back then, lemme tell you! Thank goodness we didn’t have selfies and Instagram back in the day, because I already have way too many Polaroid pictures of myself from that era with my face and under-eye area a completely different color than my neck.

Oh, and the drugstore formulas didn’t work as well as the stuff I’d find at the mall, so I’d be wearing concealer for like two seconds before it disappeared.

When it comes to drugstore face makeup, those were not the good ol’ days…

Fast forward to today, and Maybelline’s new $7.99 Dream Illuminating Brightening Creamy Concealer, which coms in six shades designed for the under-eye area.

Compared to big department store brands like NARS, six shades doesn’t set the world on fire, but $7.99 is a steal. And six shades is more than the usual drugstore range of Light, Medium and Deep/Dark!

All of them have a slight opalescence and pink, peach or orange undertones to cancel out those dark circles. The shade I wear is 05 Medium/Deep, and it deftly deals with whatever purple situation I’ve got going on. It doesn’t look heavy or obvious, either. It instantly brightens and refreshes my under-eye area.

It does settle a bit in my fine lines, and I do have to touch up after about four hours, so it isn’t perfect…but it’s downright amazing for $7.99.

The NARS Soft Matte and Sephora Bright Future Gel Concealers are my Mr. Reliable’s right now. They cover EVERYTHING, last all day long and look completely natural, but if I mistakenly left my makeup bag at home and needed an emergency concealer, I wouldn’t hesitate to pick up Maybelline Dream Illuminating Brightening Creamy Concealer at the nearest drugstore or Ulta.

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