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Hello, spring (makeup)! Here I’m wearing the Chiang Mai and Thessalonique Eyeshadow Duos ($35 each) from the new NARS Spring 2017 Wildfire Collection, which is reminding me that we have a looong way to go before spring

I know that this maxes out the Cheese-O-Meter, so my apologies for that, but you know what I’ve always wanted to do?

It’s this thing I’ve seen on police shows where there will be a couple of police officers sitting in their car on a stakeout, and they’ll be watching a perp (yes, I said “perp”) across the street, but then the perp will do something illegal and make a run for it, so one of the officers will say, “Light ’em up!” and they’ll turn on the lights and sirens and chase that fool down!

I’ve always wanted to say “Light ’em up!” like that. LOL!

Yes, I know, I’m weird. 🙂

Anyhow, whenever I play with these new NARS Eyeshadow Duos, I say “Light ’em up!” now just like that, except that I’m referring to how luminous they are.

They are SO glowy and shimmery, but not frosty at all. It’s a very specific level of luminosity, and the only other place I can remember seeing something like it before is over at Chanel with their Les 4 Ombres baked eyeshadows.

I’m excited to also see it at NARS now because… Remember when I was going through that phase when I was all about mattes? Well, now I’m all about luminosity.

You know how it is… These things are cyclical.


There are two of them in the NARS Spring 2017 (I almost typed “2016”) Wildfire Collection, which is available now, and they’re $35 each. Chiang Mai, the sky blue and reddish copper one, is limited edition, and the smoky violet and opalescent pink one, Thessalonique, is permanent.

I’ve looked around, and I haven’t spotted any exact NARS duo dupes, which is exciting.

nars spring 2017 wildfire

The NARS Spring 2017 Wildfire Collection

The Wildfire color story references the earth, but not in a typical greens and browns way. The colors are more like a red rock cliff overlooking a bright blue sky and a valley speckled with spring wildflowers.

I’m feelin’ it.

nars spring 2017 swatches eyeshadow

Swatches of the Chiang Mai Eyeshadow Duo (top) and the Thessalonique Eyeshadow Duo (bottom)

Pigment and fallout

All of the shadows are highly pigmented, and when I use a fluffy tapered blush to place them on my lids and buff them out, I only need one or two (two, tops) layers, and that creates a lovely, luminous glow.

Typical of NARS, they blend like a dream…

As for fallout, though, there is a little. It’s not Urban Decay-caliber, but it’s enough for me to notice… Just as an FYI, especially if you like to do your foundation first.

The standout shades for me

The opalescent pink in — I really need to learn how to pronounce this — Thessalonique made me say, “Oooh!” the first time I wore it. It’s incredibly soft, creamy and fine (foine), and the color flashes from pink to gold like the inside of a seashell. There’s something otherworldy and angelic about it when you wear it as an inner corner highlight, and it really opens up the eyes. If you look tired, pop some of this into that inner corner, mama.

nars spring 2017 wildfire chiang mai k

I’m wearing the Chiang Mai Eyeshadow Duo on my eyelids and the pink shade from the Thessalonique Duo in the inner corners. That’s Bumpy Ride Blush (from NARS Spring 2017) on my cheeks and Kiss Me Stupid (also from the NARS Spring 2017) on my lips with Victoria Beckham Lipgloss on top

The other shadow in the duo, the smoky purple, isn’t quite as soft and creamy as the pink shade, but it’s still pretty easy to work with.

It’s a tad chunkier and grittier, too…but definitely not like cheap drugstore gritty. It has silver flecks of glitter in it that you can spot at a glance, and they probably make the powder fluffier. It wants to go all over the place when you blend it.

I don’t mind the glitter, though, because, you know…extra sparkle, and it amplifies the lovely luminosity. Good things.

nars chiang mai

The NARS Chiang Mai Eyeshadow Duo ($35)

In the Chiang Mai duo, the copper is the one that took my breath away. It’s pigmented and looks like a shiny copper penny. It bet it’ll complement many different eye colors, especially brown, green and blue.

nars thessalonique

The NARS Thessalonique Eyeshadow Duo ($35)

I’m not exactly sure why they paired it with a blue, though. I mean, the blue is beautiful, and NARS likes unusual color combos in their duos, but I tried several combos, and I still don’t quite get how the two shadows go together… I tried using the copper as a base, then popped the blue in the middle. Then I did the blue on the top as a single shade all over my lid and smudged the copper on the bottom…

If you have any ideas, please let me know.

The verdict

These lightweight, long-wearing, luminous lovelies should fabulously flatter lids (particularly those belonging to gals and guys in their 30s, 40s and up). Be careful about the fallout, though, because there is a little.


I am SO emotionally invested in this show! It’s a series called Mars on Nat Geo (the National Geographic channel), and it’s like half-documentary, half-drama. It jumps back and forth between a documentary in 2016 about the project to get humans to Mars and the things happening here and now with space travel, like with the rockets being built by SpaceX and NASA’s plans to build a long-term colony, and a dramatization of a future expedition to Mars that starts in the year 2033.

It’s so engrossing! You get to learn about the science, and then you also get to experience what could really happen someday not too far off and follow the characters in the dramatization parts. It’s fascinating to think about what the first explorers to Mars will see and experience.

And I get super emo watching it, partly because Aunt Flo is visiting right now, but also because El Hub always jokes that Connor will be one of the first astronauts to go to Mars, and I keep thinking, “What if my baby actually does go to Mars someday?? I’ll miss her so much. She won’t be able to have a cat with her on her ship, but she’ll be doing all of these amazing things for the space program and humanity in general!”

LOL! I’m a sap. 🙂

Anyway, if you haven’t caught the series yet, you need to get on that. It’s FANTASTIC.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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