nars bumpy ride blush

Cheeks by NARS Bumpy Ride Blush. It’s available now for $30 in the NARS Spring 2017 Wildfire Collection

Geez, for a blush called Bumpy Ride, this sure is smooth…

Badum-bum. 🙂

Either someone at NARS was having fun on New Product Name Day, or they were thinking about that time they bounced across Idaho in a Pre-Cambrian Era Subaru Outback that practically launched them into outer space every time it hit a pothole…

Wait — never mind. That was me.

Officially, this is pink

NARS calls it a shimmering candy pink. I was dubious at first, so I pulled out a few other NARS pinks for comparison — Gaiety, Desire and New Attitude — and Bumpy Ride looks nothing close to what I’d call a standard-issue pink.

It’s more of a coral with pink dreams to me, and the closest thing I can find to it is NARS Day Dream, which is a tad more coral but less pink.

nars bumpy ride blush

$30 NARS Bumpy Ride Blush

It’s also VERY shimmery

Holy crap, this is a shimmery blush! And the funny thing, it doesn’t look that shimmery in the pan or in swatches.

Because of that, I grabbed a regular blush brush to apply it, thinking, “This’ll work.”

I swiped it across the pan once and popped it on one of my cheeks, but when I started buffing it out, wow — lots o’ shimmer. We’re talking serious luminosity, but it’s grown-up shimmer…like if the MAC Mineralize Skinfinishes put away their childish dreams of becoming a pop star and finally got a “real job” (air quotes). The pigmented particles are finely milled (there’s really no actual glitter in it), and the effect is elegant.

The thing is, though…this kind of shimmer doesn’t mess around if you have any textured areas on your cheeks from acne scarring, large pores or dry patches. It calls them out, and right now my cheeks are a tad dry, so Bumpy Ride makes them look even drier.

nars bumpy ride blush swatch

A swatch of NARS Bumpy Ride Blush

The coral pink color

A bright candy pink can be totally fun, but sometimes when I wear them I feel like I’m trying too hard to look young. I think that coral pinks like this one, on the other hand, are more matronly youthful, to coin a phrase (that I hope isn’t completely ridiculous). If you’re a 30- or 40-something, you might like this one. I think coral pinks can be very flattering on mature skin.

The verdict

NARS Bumpy Ride Blush is pigmented, pretty, fresh and luminous, but it’s SO luminous that it shines a spotlight any textured areas it hits. I recommend starting with a layer of a smoothing primer first (ones with silicone are basically skin spackle, and the one by Make Up For Ever in the gray tube is my favorite), and then applying them delicately with a skunk brush.


Bumpy Ride is available now for $30 and joins the NARS permanent line, so it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

The world of play dates, yo

In non-makeup news, the other day Connor and I went on our first play date together.

At least, I think it was a play date.

We didn’t really have play dates when I was growing up. Kids just went outside and played, but it’s a different world now…

Anyway, last year around this time, I took a birthing class through our healthcare provider (Kaiser), and a few weeks ago I ran into one of the ladies who took the class at the same time with me (I bumped into her at Sephora). Her son is now two weeks older than Connor.

We exchanged phone numbers, so then we met up this week at a Panera. It was nice talking with another mom with a baby around the same age, and Connor got to hang out with another baby, which she hasn’t really done much yet.

I think she was blown away…

You mean there are more of us out there!?

She was so cute, you guys! The first thing she did was try to share her toy with the other baby. She has this plastic ring with round plastic teething coins on it (looks like keys, so we call them her “car keys”), and she kept trying to give it away.

Overall, I think it was a successful first play date. For the new moms out there, when you guys meet up with other moms, what do you usually do? If you have any mom/baby play date ideas, please let me know.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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