white eyeliner waterline

You’ve gotta try white eyeliner on your waterlines, babe!

When I started wearing white eyeliner along my waterline a few years ago, every single time I’d do it I’d sing that song from Aladdin

“A whole new worrrrrrrrrld!”

Every. Single. Time.

Because it felt that way!

It was one of those little makeup things that rocked my world, and here are a couple reasons why:

1. Your eyes will look BIGGER and brighter

Making my eyes look as big and bright as possible are among my makeup modus operandi, and wearing white liner along the waterline helps. From a few feet away, the liner looks a little like an extension of the sclera (the whites of the eyes), which makes your eyes look bigger.

Also, if you happen to have a very red or dark waterline (I do when I’m sleep deprived), the white liner hides the red, potentially disguising your exhaustion…

2. Your black liner will look sharper and more precise

When you pair white liner along your waterline with black cat liner, the contrast makes your black liner look sharper, crisper and more precise.

*BONUS* A few product recs

white eyeliner swatches

Swatches of Estée edit Iced, MAC Fascinating and Make Up For Ever M-16

Lots of brands have white eyeliners. Some are more opaque than others, creamier and longer wearing, but the one I love the most is The Edgiest Kohl Shadowsticks in Iced by The Estée Edit ($22). I think it’s the best all-around white pencil out there because it’s creamy, comfy, opaque and fairly long lasting.

I also like MAC Fascinating Eye Kohl ($17), which is also very opaque, creamy and comfortable, but it doesn’t last as long for me as Iced.

If wear time is the main thing you want, the longest lasting one I’ve ever found is Make Up For Ever Aqua XL in M-16 (which I found via the splurge-worthy $250 Artistic Pencil holiday collection).

makeup for ever artistic pencil collection

The oh-so splurge-worthy Make Up For Ever Artistic Pencil Collection ($250 for 20 full-size liners, available on the MUFE website and at Make Up For Ever Boutiques)

M-16 takes a few layers to reach full opacity, but it lasts all freaking day. It’s a touch drier than Iced and Fascinating (unsurprising considering that it’s a long-wearing waterproof pencil), but I don’t find it uncomfortable.

Urban Decay also makes one called Yeyo ($20), but eh…it’s not one of my favorites. I have to wear too many layers to even see it, and it doesn’t last long at all on my waterlines.

*BONUS #2* A tip

When you wear white liner on your waterline, line your waterline with your white pencil before following up with mascara on your lower lashes (assuming you’re wearing mascara at all), because if you start by applying a coat of mascara first and followup with your white waterline liner after, you run the risk of getting white liner on the roots of your lashes and mixed in with your mascara.

It’s a tiny detail, but if you’re a stickler for tiny details, it’s something to think about.

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