If you’re going for a super-blended eyeshadow look that seamlessly transitions from your lid shade to your crease shade, use a crease color (a transition shade) with a satiny finish, instead of a full-on shiny, shimmery finish or a matte.

Mattes are popular as crease transition colors because they don’t reflect as much light as shimmery shadows do, so you can use them to make your crease appear deeper set, and make whatever you’re wearing on your lid *POP* more.

But matte eyeshadows are also usually harder to blend than shimmers, which have glittery sparkle particles that help to scoot the pigment around.

If you’re trying to blend a matte crease color into a shimmery lid color, it can take A LOT of extra swiping and little circles to create seamless transitions between them.

By using an eyeshadow with a satin finish and (just the faintest hint of shine) as your crease shade instead, you can still use it to make your crease appear deeper, but it should also be easier to blend than a straight-up matte.

My favorite foolproof crease/transition shades are MAC Soba, which is a medium golden brown with a satin finish, and MAC Texture, a warm peachy brown. Both are in the permanent line and look like they could pass for mattes at first, but they aren’t completely flat.

Basically, they’re awesome. 😉

Bomb-@ss zucchini bread

Behold! Magic zucchini bread!

You guys! Excuse the bare face (it ain’t nothing you haven’t seen before), but I was too excited about this food situation in my hands to pause to put on makeup.

My workout class had a fun potluck holiday brunch get-together this morning, so I brought a loaf of my (now I refer to is as “my” because I like it so much, LOL) zucchini chocolate chip bread, and it was a hit!

I always get nervous bringing food to potlucks because I don’t have a ton of confidence when it comes to my cooking… I mean, I can follow a recipe, but I’m always afraid that whatever I bring is going to be the one dish that nobody touches. (Am I the only person who does this?)


Well, except for one slice…

So, apparently, it was bomb!

I hoped it would be because my family likes it, but when you hear it from people who you don’t cook for regularly, sometimes it’s more convincing, you know?

Oh, and before I left, several of the ladies asked for the recipe. 😮

Here’s the link to the recipe. It comes together really quickly, too. It takes about 15 minutes to prep, then 45 minutes in the oven, and you don’t even have to do any complicated baker-y things.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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