Merry Christmas!

Christmas 2015 (BG was still in my tum)

To be honest, I don’t think it’s in the cards for me this year. I’m Filipino, and my family will be celebrating tonight and staying up all night long (yes, I sang that like Lionel Richie).

But we literally stay up all night long! I mean, maybe we’ll zonk out at like 1 or 2, but that’s after a whole lot of food, fun and karaoke. By the time Christmas morning rolls around, I can’t handle much. I might brush my teeth (maybe), or sometimes I’ll roll out into the living room with furry teeth and a furry tongue, and that’s totally fine too. When I go to midnight mass, which I used to do more often when I was younger, I will wear some makeup, but it’s been a few years since I’ve done that.

Perhaps in a few years when Connor’s a little older and we get up early to open presents by the Christmas tree, I may put in the effort to stick some concealer under my eyes because, you know, I’m 41 now… You can do the math. 🙂 By that time, who knows how good the cameras will be on our phones? And I just don’t need to have that captured for posterity.

So my answer will probably change in a few years.

How about you? Do you plan to wear any makeup on Christmas morning? Props to you if you are, girl.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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