There’s a method to the madness

My poor husband.

You know what the new normal has been in his life since we got together and I ended his bachelorhood? It’s that now when he opens the fridge, instead of seeing his old Big Gulp-sized Simpsons cup filled with premixed protein powder and Tupperwares upon Tupperwares filled with leftover chili and rice (one of his bachelorhood staples), he gets to see cute lipstick mugs filled with chilled eyeliners and lip liners. 🙂

Because that’s where I keep mine! I keep them in the fridge because it makes them less apt to break when I sharpen them, and I really hate it when my pencils break when I sharpen them.

DRIVES. ME. BANANAS. 🍌 I can’t even tell you…

I don’t keep them all in there, though, because that would be weird (whereas one mug is not, haha), and our fridge would be FILLED with makeup…although that would also be kinda cool.

So I just keep the main lip liners and eyeliners in there that I’m using at moment, which is usually my favorite UD lip liners and MAC Teddy, MAC Powersurge and MAC Costa Riche Eye Kohl.

The fridge keeps the tips hard, because most makeup pencils have a pretty low melting point, and sometimes, even at room temperature, they just break so easily.

Before I use them on my face, though, I warm and soften them up a little by rubbing them against the back of my hand for 5-10 seconds. And then they glide across my lids and lips, ahhh. 🙂

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


P.S. TGIF! (For reals this time.)

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