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I think it’s a combination of getting older and not getting as much sleep as I need/like, but my lids seem to be getting more and more hooded every day. And one of the things I notice now is that whenever I do anything that sort of lifts my eyes, it gives a whole lift to my look.

Some people call this next tip a makeup rule, but if you want to give your eyes an instant, easy lift, wear more makeup on your upper lids and lash lines than you wear on your lower lash lines. It’ll draw the focus upward, instead of downward, and give a lift to your eye.

Also, if you do your eye makeup on your lids and lash lines first, you can use them as a guide to help you decide how much makeup to apply on your lower lash lines.

To be honest, I break this rule all the time. Sometimes I’ll do a bright or glittery lower lash line with a barely there color on my lids, or I’ll wear the same amount of color on my upper and lower lash lines. It just depends on the day. It’s all good. 🙂

With tricks like this, though, I think you have to give them a try, because you never know how they’ll work for you until you do.

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