graphic liner and strong brows

Graphic Liner + Strong Brows = Balance

When you’re doing a very strong, graphic liner like the one I’m wearing here, pair it with equally strong, but neat, bold brows.

That way, your brows go with, or echo, the thematic “oomph” of your graphic liner, which gives your overall makeup look a sense of balance.

I’ve definitely noticed that when I do a bold or graphic liner and keep my brows mellow or messy, there’s something about the whole look that seems off, unbalanced and almost bottom heavy, like there’s something missing above the liner.

I mean, if there’s ever a perfect time to do a full-on dramatic brow, that time is when you’re doing graphic liner.

What do I mean by “bold brows”?

Well, I don’t think it necessarily has to mean Instagram brows. It just depends on what you like, but for me, bold brows mean filling in the sparse spots in the tail end a little bit heavier than I normally would, then using a brow gel to push all of the little brow hairs exactly where I want them.

And when I do a strong brow, I layer different products, like a brow pencil, an eyeshadow and a brow gel. I do a combo.

The shadow deepens and intensifies the color beyond what I’d be able to get with a brow pencil alone, while the brow pencil helps me draw in all the individual brow hairs, helping my brows to look extra full and lush. Then, I guide my existing brow hairs with the brow gels to get them where they need to go. 🙂

The brow pencil I’m using now, MAC Brow Sculpt, has an angled tip, which I like. I also like Urban Decay Brow Beater, which has a thin, fine tip that’s fantastic for defining individual hairs.

As for brow powders, I’m a MAC eyeshadow girl. I’ve been using Brun for years with my brown hair, and Benefit’s clear brow gel is my ride-or-die brow gel.

Graphic liner + strong brows = balance! And good balance is great.

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