Sometimes, you know, when I see my tabby, and I see that his eyes are a little cloudier than they once were, or I notice that he’s been sleeping upstairs the entire afternoon, or he groans a little when I pick him up and give him a hug, it occurs to me that nature is cruel.

Because with as much as we love our pets, and with how purely and unconditionally they love us back, it seems like a cruel twist of fate, doesn’t it? — that they don’t live as long as we do? 🙁

Tabs is getting up there in years. We think he’s between 11-12 now. He’s still a world-renowned kitty supermodel, but the signs of aging have appeared. It seemed like all of a sudden one day his eyes weren’t as bright as they used to be, and he started napping (and turning down more kitty modeling jobs) more than he used to.

He still plays like a boss, of course, and has his spunky kitten moments, but they don’t happen quite as much as they used to.

I notice now when I think he’s having a really good day, and he’s been having them a lot lately.






I think it’s because of a couple of things (but I’m not sure). First, we’ve been doing more high intensity play sessions together. Also, he’s been getting a can of wet food, with some water added for extra gravy, every single night for a few months.

I mean, we’ve always played together. A lot. And he’s always gotten wet food, but they used to be more in spurts. Some days we’d play a full hour, but then not play as much the next day. And with his wet food, some days he’d get two cans of the good stuff (his favorite wet food is ZiwiPeak Venison & Fish, but it’s imported and pricey), but then maybe just one can of Sheba Turkey Pâté the next day. And he’s generally always supplemented his diet throughout the day with crunchies.




Now, though, I’m noticing that he’ll basically wait all day long without filling up on his dry food just save up his appetite for his gravy dinner, and whether it’s that or the extra play sessions or the holiday spirit or something else, he seems more like his younger kitten self.

Basically, he’s having a really good December. 🙂 He’s purring more, playing more, cleaning more, meowing more, and his fur seems more luxurious, too.

I hope he has a wonderful Christmas, because he’s a wonderful cat.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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