20 minutes

Time management issues.

What? Me?

OK, yeah…I’m not the best at time management. I’m challenged in the time management department. I tend to lose track of time when I’m working on a task, be it blending out my eyeshadow or cleaning my office. Sometimes I’ll think, “Oh, this should take me about 10 minutes.” Then I’ll glance over at the clock in shock and dismay to see that two hours have gone by. 🙁

It’s one of the things I struggle with almost more than anything else.

But I’m always working on it. In fact, I just started a new time management trick that’s been pretty helpful. What I do is set a timer for ⏱ 20 minutes, and all I do is work on one specific task — just one — for that full 20 minutes. No multitasking or doing anything else. I just do the one thing for that 20-minute block. Then I take a 5-10 minute break.

Twenty minutes doesn’t seem like a lot, but my gosh! — you can get A LOT done in 20 minutes if you just focus on one thing. You totally can! It’s kind of amazing.

I don’t know what it is about 20 minutes, but I think the key is the break at the end. I’m always tempted to keep working when my timer ⏰ goes off and I’m in a groove, but the breaks are REALLY important, especially if you’re doing something you kind of dread. Like, for me, that’s cleaning on the weekend.

The last thing I want to do on a Saturday afternoon is scrub the bathtub, but I feel like I can handle it for 20 minutes. It’s a sprint, and it’s enough time to make a dent in almost any project.

It even works for long-term projects like planning a trip. If you spend 20 minutes every day researching places to stay or checking flights… I’m serious, you’ll be amazed how well it works. Even 20 minutes is way better than not doing anything at all.

Give it a whirl. It’s helping me a lot, and not just with work stuff, but with everyday life stuff too.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


P.S. Happy hump day, my friend. 😊

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