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Some makeup inspiration from Allure and Nylon

I’ll be the first person to admit that I get stuck in makeup ruts. Smoky, neutral and/or brown — any of the above, and I’ll wanna wear it.

I’m gonna fall back on human nature as my excuse/explanation… I think it’s just human nature to do what you think you’re pretty good at and what you’re comfortable with.

Right now, though, I’m on a mission to challenge myself in my life, and not just with makeup, so here’s to trying new things, yay! 🙂

This morning I sat in bed with the new issues of Allure and Nylon and a stack of Post-Its and bookmarked every look that caught my eye; I wrote down all of the little details I like about the looks on the Post-Its.

My plan is to try all of them over the next 30 days. (I recently came to the realization that I do better with projects when they have concrete deadlines… Yeah, the things you learn about yourself in your 40s!)

satiny taupe gray smoke

All over this like WHOA

Some of the looks are trademark Karen Makeup Crack®, like this one with smoky taupe gray, but I also picked some looks that are well out of my comfort zone, like the Chanel look, which seems deceptively simple, but that black line on her upper lash line is so perfectly precise that I can already tell that it’s gonna take all of my willpower to NOT smudge the living crap out of it.

minimal nude eye black skinny liner

Minimalist nude eyes with thin, precise black liner

I also took of some colorful looks that I would normally never think to try, like a glittery minimalist cut crease…

purple glitter cut crease

Minimalist glittery cut crease

purple blush matte plum lips

That blush tho!!!

kitten flick liner rose gold glitter lips

Kitten flicks and rose gold lips

single bold colorful element clean skin

A single bold, colorful element

We’ll see how it goes!

Maybe this is something we could do together in the future. What do you think? What if we voted in the comments and picked a couple of the same magazines to get, then bookmarked two or three looks? Maybe we could post them somewhere like Instagram or Facebook with a #hashtag? I dunno… I’ll mull it over while I drink this green juice I just made.

green juice

Drink your veggies!

If you have any ideas for a group project, let me know. I’d love to do something together. It’d be fun! 🙂

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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