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New & noteworthy makeup from Clinique

In the pursuit of creative well fill-edness, also known as “trying to keep my creative well filled,” I’m trying to form some mentally healthy new habits and rediscover old ones that have helped me in the past, like wearing makeup on the weekends.

You guys…on one hand, it’s liberating to just run out of the house without a stitch of makeup on, but on the other hand…sometimes when I’m out and about and catch get a glimpse of myself in a window somewhere, I’ll think, WTF?! Who the hell is that person? She looks EXHAUSTED. 🙂

Shoot, back in the day, I’d put on concealer just to go get my mail! THAT’s how dedicated I was to le face paint, but I’ve gotten way chiller about leaving the house without makeup over the past year, especially on weekends.

I’ve been getting back into it again lately, though, because I swear…a little bit of shimmer here and a touch of color there, and I see the whole world differently.

It definitely changes the way I feel about myself.

Anywho, I wore some makeup last weekend, and it felt really freakin’ good. I used some things that came out from Clinique in the fall and are in the permanent collection now, and they were just lovely!

Clinique Uplighting Illuminating Powder, $27

clinique up lighting powder

All three shades of Clinique Uplighting Illuminating Powder ($27 each)

SO GOOD for casual weekend makeup! These sheer pressed powders have a subtle tint and pearl. You can wear them as an all-over setting powder or use them them to highlight specific areas, and they’re basically like highlighting powders for non-highlighting girls/guys.

The opalescent finish is very low-key, very natural-looking, and you might not even see it at first, but it’s there adding a little something-something.

There are three shades, and the one I like is 02 Golden Glow. It makes my skin look dewy…but not sweaty dewy.

These $27 Uplighting Illuminating Powders are a lot like the $46 Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders, so if you like those, these are a more affordable alternative. Keep in mind, though, that these only come in three shades, whereas the Hourglass Ambients come in six shades and are much, much finer.

Still, I think these are perfect weekend powders for running errands or grabbing coffee, and for that $27 you get a big 0.33-oz. pan.

Clinique Pop Oil Lip & Cheek Glow, $18.50

clinique custom black kajal lip cheek glow

Two of the four Clinique Pop Oil Lip & Cheek Glows, and all four of the High Impact Custom Black Kajal liners

Moisturizing safflower, jojoba and sunflower seed oils power these lightweight, sheer tinted oils, which you can use as both a blush or a lip tint for just-pinched cheeks and just-kissed lips.

They’re great for the whole casual no-makeup makeup thing and go well with the Uplighting Powders, but bring them with you on your travels, ’cause you’ll have to touch up. They only last about four hours on my cheeks and two hours on my lips.

They’re unflavored, unscented and available in four $18.50 shades — Rose Glow, Nectar Glow, Poppy Glow and Honey Glow.

High Impact Custom Black Kajal, $17

These soft and silky twist-up pencil liners are perfectly pigmented (like the Chanel Stylo Yeuxs, which I love), intense and long lasting (> 10 hours!), but only on my lash lines and upper water lines. On my lower water line, they pull a disappearing act after 30 minutes.

SERIOUSLY, where do they go?! Into the makeup black hole, I guess…

There are four shades — Blackened Black, Blackened Blue, Blackened Green and Blackened Brown — and they’re $17 each.

clinique up lighting powder swatches

Clinique Uplighting Illuminating Powder swatches from the left: 01 Nude Glow, 02 Golden Glow and 03 Bronze Glow

clinique pop oil lip cheek glow

Clinique Pop Oil Lip & Cheek Glow swatches in 03 Rose Glow (left) and 04 Honey Glow (right)

clinique high impact cusotm black kajal swatches

Clinique High Impact Custom Black Kajal Swatches from the left: 01 Blackened Black, 02 Blackened Brown, 03 Blackened Green and 04 Blackened Blue

I was wearing this stuff when I went to Sephora yesterday, and while I was there I ran into a gal who was in the same birth class I took at Kaiser last year. Her son is about one or two weeks older than Connor now, and it was weird because the last time we saw each other, we were both out to here! — and now our babies are in the outside world.

It was nice. We traded phone numbers, so maybe we’ll meet for coffee one of these days.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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