kjaer weis brand spotlight

Kjær Weis is an innovative cosmetics line created by Danish-born, New York-based makeup artist Kirsten Kjær Weis

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I’m a big fan of giving gifts to yourself during the holidays (and giving gifts to other people, too, of course), but, you know…sometimes, if you don’t do it, who will?

In the spirit of holiday self-gifting, have you checked out any products from Kjær Weis before? They’re my new favorite luxury natural beauty line.

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Kjær Weis. Um…how do you say that? Is it a hard “k,” hard “j”? Well, it’s pronounced “kee-jar wise,” and it’s the last name of the brand’s founder, New York-based makeup artist Kirsten Kjær Weis.

kjaer weis packaging

Shiny packaging!

KirstenKirsten said that when she was creating the products for the brand, she wanted to use natural ingredients, but she wanted everything to perform as well as products from the big beauty brands.

The makeup is made in Italy using certified organic or certified natural ingredients from around the world, and everything is labeled either “certified organic” or “certified natural” by Italy’s organic governing body.

They don’t use any artificial ingredients, so no parabens, petroleums, or artificial colors or fragrances, and everything is cruelty-free.

Also, because a common issue with products that contain natural ingredients sometimes is that the colors vary from one individual item to the next, Kirsten hand-inspects every batch to make sure that the colors and textures are all consistent, which I think is pretty cool.

kjaer weis

Here I’m wearing Kjær Weis Cream Foundation in Illusion, Cream Blush in Sun Touched and Lipstick in Love

It’s an elegant “less is more” line with a focus on enhancing your natural features, and the product range has been edited down to the kind of beauty basics a gal might take with her on a weekend trip, like cream foundation, cream blush, cream bronzer and highlighter, lip tints, lipsticks and powder eyeshadow.

They use ingredients like…

  • Plantago Lanceolata Leaf Extract — A medicinal herb that can stimulate collagen production. It’s an antioxidant with anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial properties, and it’s supposed to be great for sensitive skin.
  • Glyceryl Caprylate — A naturally derived “preservative” from coconut and palm plants that acts as a moisturizer and emulsifying agent with excellent antibacterial properties.
  • Cera Alba — A refined form of beeswax. According to Kjær Weis, theirs comes from ecologically sound apiaries, and it’s used as an emulsifier and consistency regulator. Beeswax has a structure that provides a breathable barrier against outside elements while nourishing the skin.
  • Rosa Damascena Flower Oil — Derived from the rose plant. A natural perfume.

You can find out more about their ingredients here

kjaer weis k2

Wearing the foundation, cream blush and lipstick

I’m already completely hooked on the line. I’ve only tried three things so far, but I want to try everything else! ERRRRTHANG.

kjaer weis cream foundation

Kjaer Weis Cream Foundation in Illusion

The cream foundation ($68) is gorge! — and not just because of that packaging, which has the heft of good jewelry. Side note: everything in the line — the compacts, the lipstick bullets, everything — is refillable, and refill pans are available in simple paper cartons.

I know, $68 is pricey, but the refills are $40 each, so they’re comparable to other higher-end foundations.

The cream foundation comes in nine shades from light to deep. The one I wear is called Illusion. It’s a warm honey for medium to medium-dark skin tones with golden or golden olive undertones.

The lightweight formula barely feels like anything, and it looks so satiny and natural that I can’t even tell where the makeup ends and my skin begins, not even up close.

It lasts all day for me on my combination skin, and the coverage is medium, but it’s easy to bump it up to full with layers.

kjaer weis cream blush

Kjær Weis Cream Blush in Sun Touched

The cream blush, which comes in 10 shades, is pigmented, and it blends beautifully with fingers or a brush (no risk of crazy clown circles on your cheeks here). The compact with pan is $56, and the refills are $32.

I’m wearing the shade called Sun Touched, which is a dewy coral for fair to medium-dark skin tones with golden undertones. I think it looks like just-pinched baby cheeks. 🙂

kjaer weis lipstick

Lipstick in Love

As for the lipsticks, this one I’m wearing here, which is called Love, is intense!

SO opaque. It’s a smooth reddish coral, and it feels like silk when it glides across my lips.

It’s $56 (yes, I know), and refills are $36.

In addition to Love, there’s also Adore (a deep classic red), Believe (a rich plum), Empower (a hot pink), Honor (a nude with pink undertones), KW Red (a classic universal red) and Brilliant (a warm nude).

kjaer weis swatches

From the left: Cream Foundation in Illusion, Cream Blush in Sun Touched and Lipstick in Love

The products are pretty pricey, but they sure look and feel lovely and luxurious. Everything I’ve tried also performs well, and I love the thoughtful approach to their ingredients.

One to try if you like natural ingredients and elegant makeup.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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