kristin perry marquise ear climbers

Get your gal pal a pair of these earrings!

Ear crawlers are the new studs! — at least according to my oh-so-scientific gathering of anecdotal evidence, which is composed of a single conversation I had with a friend.

ME: Have you noticed that ear crawlers are, like, everywhere these days?
MY FRIEND: Yeah, I have.
ME: They’re the new studs.

Earrings that look like they’re crawling up your ear lobe, they don’t dangle, so there’s zero chance of the baby (or Tabs, for that matter) swatting or grabbing them, and I like that they’re different than your run-of-the mill studs.

I like ’em a lot. I think they’re the perfect Christmas present for your best gal pal because they’re kinda trendy (so chances are she probably doesn’t have a pair yet), and even though they’re kinda trendy, they aren’t too out there, ya know?

My favorites are the Marquise Ear Climbers by Kristin Perry because they’re understated but yet sparkly (a balance that isn’t easy to strike). They’re 18K gold-plated with crystals, available in both rose and white gold, and are pretty affordable at $38.

kristin perry marquise ear climbers rose gold

Kristin Perry’s beautiful Marquise Ear Climbers in Rose Gold

If I had moolah to burn, I’d give the Misa Jewelry Branch Ear Crawlers to all my gal pals, and I’d splurge on the yellow gold ones with diamonds (which are $1,125 a pair!). Then I’d also get a pair for myself…because the part me that’s a perpetual eighth grader would very much like to match with her friends. 🙂

Buuut since I’m living in reality (most of the time), Kate Spade’s $48 14K gold-plated Shine On Ear Crawlers are more in line with my budget.

I love giving Kate Spade jewelry as a gift because it’s girly and cute. Yes, it’s costume jewelry, but it’s high quality costume jewelry, and the pieces I’ve had for years still look new and, thankfully, haven’t turned my skin green.

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