who makes best jeans

I’m asking you this for selfish reasons, clearly, because I need to buy some new jeans.

I have a couple pairs that I really like now, but they’re starting to fall apart, so I’m looking for at least one replacement.

I LOVE my jeans from Loft. I like that they have them in different lengths, so you can get them in regular, petite and sometimes longer sizes, and they have a good amount of stretch, which is nice, so you know that if you have a little extra popcorn at the movies that day, you can STILL breathe.

They don’t stretch out so much, though, that the butt area is sagging by the end of the day.

And they aren’t too expensive (around $69 a pair), especially if you can get them on sale (they’re 40% off right meow!). They also have all kinds of different washes and styles, and the styles they usually have are, like, a little bit trendy, but not so super duper trendy that they’ll be out of style in a year or two.

So I like my Loft jeans, but I’m open to suggestions! If you happen to have a great pair of jeans, please let me know. My closet and I need the help.

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