Sometimes it’s hard to tell if Tabs is really enjoying himself…or if he’s just being a cat and doing cat things.

Like on this last Thanksgiving, with my parents and El Hub’s parents and my brother here, we had a pretty full house, and Tabs was always in the mix, walking from person to person for pets and hanging out, but there were times when the convo got loud that he also seemed a little tense..but he still wouldn’t leave the room.

I dunno… It’s just hard to tell sometimes if he really likes something, or if he just can’t leave the room because it’s action, and he can’t help but be where the action is.

Did that make sense? I’m not sure if it made any sense, but I think it might’ve if you have a cat. Sometimes it’s like they can’t not be wherever the action is, ya know? — even if it appears to drive them crazy. Like they can’t help themselves.



I hope Tabs had a nice Thanksgiving this year. I think he did. He did get tons of lurvies from everyone, even though he couldn’t understand why the folks with bad allergies wouldn’t let him sit on their lap, and he devoured his few pieces of roasted turkey.

I think my tabby is grateful for a lot. I know that he loves going for walks on the hill, sitting on my lap while I work, spending quiet time with me, and he loves his custom built Tabby Command Center.





I like to think that he’s grateful to have found humans who lavish him with the attention he so richly deserves.

If he were a different cat, I might not be as sure, but deep in my heart, I just know he’s a people cat. He trusts and loves humans.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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