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Last week was our first big storm of the season, so I reluctantly gave my winter gear top billing — my winter boots, sweaters, my winter coats and, yes, my winter bronzers.

Yup, I have winter bronzers, because even though I have my natural tan, my skin color still changes with the seasons. When I don’t get as much sun in fall and winter, I get a little lighter, and it gets to where my summer bronzers look jarring and too dark — like I contoured but didn’t bother to blend.

So I usually put them aside for the season when something like a big storm happens, and it reminds me that summer is long gone, but this year I’m keeping them out because I’m gonna use them as eyeshadows.

You’ve probably seen someone do this before — use a bronzer as eyeshadow. I’ve definitely seen it on YouTube a few times, but it might be a different way to look at it if you use different bronzers in different seasons.

A summer bronzer can be a terrific transition color because…you already know that it’s a brown that works well for your skin. Sure, it might be a little too dark for your cheeks in the middle of winter, but that makes it an even better crease color to wear with darker winter and fall eyeshadows. Because it’s not covering a large area, it won’t look jarring. 😉

The final countdown…

Man, I read so many countdown articles last month about how to prepare for Thanksgiving and all of the things you should do in week four, week three, week two and week one, but none of it actually happened. I’m still scrambling at the last minute.

I know this is all unimportant stuff in the greater scheme of things, but my dining room table has a computer on it, and the room is like a forest of photography light stands. There’s hardly any food in the house (I’m drinking coffee with just a little sugar in it because I ran out of milk), and my guests arrive tomorrow.

*big sigh*

At some point today, I’m gonna need to get at least a few groceries, and I also want to go to Marshall’s to get a serving platter…

I don’t even know how I made it this far without a serving platter. This is the exact same feeling I had when I realized that I didn’t have a potato peeler.

Oh, yeah, and I also need to clean the bathroom.


Chances are you’re more organized than I am and have all of your stuff together, right? Like your meals prepped and your house clean? If you have any wisdom to share in terms of getting a lot of cleaning done in very little time, please let me know. I need help.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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