tom ford lips and boys 2016

The 25 new clutch-sized (mini) Lipsticks from the Tom Ford Lips & Boys collection for Fall 2016

Something tells me that these little dudes would not be down for a Taco Bell date. They’d want you to take them to Ruth’s Chris Steak House or some other expensive restaurant.

Dang, Tom Ford, you sure know how to make a girl feel self-conscious about her $10 jeans that she got from Old Navy!

Please pause the rational part of your brain for a moment and consider that each of these 25 new Lips & Boys Lipsticks is $36 each (!). And they’re minis! They’re all new shades — 10 mattes, 10 metallics and 5 creams — and they’re being added to the existing 25 Lips & Boys, thereby bringing the new total up to 50.

Tom Ford Lips & Boys
$36 each, 50 shades, 25 of them new for Fall 2016 (10 matte, 10 metallic, 5 cream).
Coming soon to select Sephora stores and online #TFLIPSANDBOYS @SEPHORA

First up, the mattes and metallics, all of which have boy names.

There are lots of browns, plums and neutrals present, but the bangin’ mattes were the first to catch my eye.

The shiny metallics are also cool. They have varying levels of metallic-ness. Some are full-on sexy robot with lots of shiny pearl and glitter, while others are more suggestive and reserved…like an illicit kiss behind a closed door.

Tom Ford Lips & Boys 50-Piece Set — The complete collection housed in an exclusive black lacquered Tom Ford case: $1,950 (side note: holy sh*t!).

Tom Ford Lips & Boys Three-Piece Container — A custom set of any three clutch-size lipsticks displayed in a luxe carrying case: $108 for your choice of any three shades.

“Tom Ford presents Lips & Boys, the third adaptation of the originative Lip Color collection named for the men he finds admirable and inspiring. The 50-piece lipstick lineup unleashes 25 new boys including 10 modern matte finishes.

“From nuanced nudes like Bradley and Alexander to the unabashed bold reds of Nicholas and Dominic, each transformative shade amplifies a woman’s individuality while inciting an insatiable desire to suit her every mood.

“Showcased in sleek mahogany and gold cases, each tube is compact enough to slip inside the smallest of clutches.

“The clutch-size lipsticks of this decadent wardrobe contain rich, specially-treated pigments blended to deliver pure color payoff in three ultra-kissable finishes: matte, cream, and metallic.”

— Tom Ford PR

The 10 new mattes

tom ford lips boys 2016 matte

The new Tom Ford Lips & Boys Matte finish shades from the left: Anderson, Thomas, Jared, Cristiano, Dylan, Dominic, Evan, Nicholas, Be and Christopher

tom ford anderson

Anderson (Matte)

tom ford thomas

Thomas (Matte)

tom ford jared

Jared (Matte)

tom ford cristiano

Cristiano (Matte)

tom ford dylan

Dylan (Matte)

tom ford dominic

Dominic (Matte)

tom ford evan

Evan (Matte)

tom ford nicolas

Nicolas (Matte)

tom ford ben

Ben (Matte)

tom ford christopher

Christopher (Matte)

While Tom Ford’s lipsticks are blisteringly expensive, they are SO bomb. He’s never chintzy with pigment, and his formulas are fabulously smooth. You get great coverage and lips that look like you spent $50 on them (or, in this case, $36).

Tom’s mattes last longer on my lips than most mattes do. I can usually get at least four hours of wear from them, and a little less from his metallics.

The 10 new metallics

tom ford lips boys 2016 metallic

The new Tom Ford Lips & Boys Metallic finish shades from the left: Graham, Douglas, Snowdon, Aaron, Travis, Ryan, Inigo, Jon, Logan and Elliot

tom ford graham

Graham (Metallic)

tom ford douglas

Douglas (Metallic)

tom ford snowdon

Snowdon (Metallic)

tom ford aaron

Aaron (Metallic)

tom ford travis

Travis (Metallic)

tom ford ryan

Ryan (Metallic)

tom ford inigo

Inigo (Metallic)

tom ford jon

Jon (Metallic)

tom ford logan

Logan (Metallic)

tom ford elliot

Elliot (Metallic)

tom ford lips boys swatches

Swatches: all 25 of the new Tom Ford Lips & Boys Fall 2016 shades

Of these mattes, Christiano is my favorite, but I’ve decided to shorten his name to Chris…

As for the metallics, I’m not even really that into metallic lips, but Tom Ford’s metallics are some of the best around. I think he handles the pearl elegantly, especially his nudes.

That said, my favorite one of these is Snowdon. It’s peachy, a little golden and very easy to wear.

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