tarte pretty paintbox fotd

Feeling plummy today with Tarte’s Pretty Paintbox from the holiday 2016 collection

Look. At. This. Makeup.

Where was a going that I needed to put on makeup like this? I don’t know… I don’t think I was going anywhere. I wish I could say that I was going out to dinner or something, but I think the most exciting thing I did while I was wearing this look was take out the trash…

I did run into my neighbor, though, and we talked about her dog a little, so at least somebody got to see the fruit of my labor IRL.

I’m wearing the Bite Beauty Multistick in Cashew here, and I tell you — it’s the best color! It’s underneath a bunch of things on my lids. I sort of used it as an eyeshadow lid primer.

I think it’s SO beautiful, especially with colors like the ones I’m wearing.

Eyes: Bite Beauty Cashew Multi-Stick, Tarte Pretty Paintbox eyeshadows (Van Gogh With It in the crease, and First Impressionism, Hot MOMA and Get Surreal mixed on the lids), Tarte Tarteist Black Eyeliner (from the Wingworkers holiday set), Tarte Tartiest Mascara (from Pretty Paintbox)

Cheeks: Moment blush, Authentic highlighter and Unique bronzer from Tarte Pretty Paintbox

Lips: Dancing Flowers from the MAC Nutcracker Sweet Retro Matte Plum Kit

I’m wearing kind of a rosy taupe-ish brown in my crease, and there’s some shimmery cool-toned purplish gray action happening on my lids that I made by mixing a bunch of colors in this Tarte palette (I marked them with hearts down below).

I grabbed a bunch of shades with the same brush, buffed them on the back of my hand, and then popped them on my lid.

It’s just a phase I’m going through. I like making my own colors. It makes me feel like I’m a mad scientist in a beauty lab or something…

OK, so, my lid color is very cool toned, but I think it balances with the warmth of the browns in my crease. I like that juxtaposition, but of course you could totally stick to one or the other using just cool-toned shadows or warm-toned shadows, and still do a look like this.

tarte pretty paintbox fotd

MAC Dancing Flowers Lipstick

tarte pretty paintbox fotd

The shades I used from the Pretty Paintbox…

The skin

I did something a little different for my skin this time. I set my timer and did my eyes first, but then when I looked at the clock, I only had like two seconds left, so I grabbed MAC Matchmaster Shade Intelligence Compact Foundation in 4.0 and Sephora Bright Future Gel Serum Concealer.

tarte pretty paintbox fotd

Goin’ for grungy imperfection on the eyes…

tarte pretty paintbox fotd

Oh, that highlight, though! It’s the highlighter from the Tarte Pretty Paintbox…

First, I dabbed a little of the Sephora serum on my cheeks.

Next, I opened the MAC compact and kind of pressed a skunk brush into it, and you know how cushion compacts have that sponge? Well, I gently pressed the skunk brush into it to pick up some product. Then I used that brush to buff out the concealer on my cheeks.

It’s just a really quick way to get a good amount of coverage that doesn’t take a ton of effort.

The plummy matte lip is a really fun color from the MAC holiday collection called MAC Dancing Flowers Lipstick. I think it’s a really happy color, and I like how it plays with the plum tones on my lids. 🙂

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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