buxom stone cold babe

The Buxom Stone Cold Babe, a $42 set

Who is that stone cold babe? That’s what I’d like to know. I guess she likes diamonds…

BIG diamonds.

Can you imagine having a diamond this big? Good lord. I wouldn’t even bother getting attached to it though. My mom would probably try to steal it from me, put it on a ring and wear it to her SilverSneakers aerobics class. Then she’d try to be all cool about it…

“Oh, this? This is just my diamond ring.”

But I would sell that thing in a heartbeat. Then I’d try to buy that island François Nars was selling.

The pans in the palette, which is part of this $42 set, are removable, and you can arrange them however you like. Or, if there are some other Buxom eyeshadows you prefer, you can replace some of these with them.

I would probably replace about haalf of these here… I’ve only swatched them, but a few seem pretty sheer, patchy and dicey to me. They’re also on the harder side.

I don’t know… I love cool tones. And I do like the thought of turning myself into a stone cold babe. 🙂

The mascara, by the way, is great for lash volume. I went through a couple of tubes when I was going through a Buxom mascara phase.

buxom stone cold babe

Hello, customizable palette!

buxom stone cold babe

The duos slip in and out

buxom stone cold babe

When you’re done deciding on what to put where, slide the pans in through the side

buxom stone cold babe

Stone cold, babe!

buxom stone cold babe swatches

Le swatches…

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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