Forever putting on makeup in the car!

Forever putting on makeup in the car!

Babe, first of all, let me point out the obvious. I’m sure you already know this, but I feel like I should say it nevertheless.

By “on the go,” I’m referring to putting on makeup in the car AS A PASSENGER. Or, on public transportation, again, as a passenger. I mean, if you’re driving the BART train, please do not be putting on your makeup. I repeat, if you’re driving the BART train, a car or any other vehicle, do not put on your makeup.

Not a good idea. Stay safe.

As for putting on makeup as a passenger in a car/on a bus/on a train, it happens to me all the time, because I’m always running late! But over the years I’ve figured out ways to sort of maximize my car time.

1. Bring makeup wipes

Some companies sell portable packs or travel packs that are small enough to fit in a purse (baby wipes will also work in a pinch), but since I usually buy my makeup wipes in bulk (yes, I go through that many of them), I just stick a few in a Ziploc and put that in my purse.

El Hub, bless his heart, thinks that he’s a great driver, but he’s actually not (sorry, babe, but it’s true). The car will be swerving and stopping and starting and turning and doing all kinds of stuff. Inevitably, I’ll end up with a smudge here or there.

It’s easy to clean up any messes along the way with makeup wipes. Plus, you can also use them to quickly clean a makeup brush and, at the end of your process, clean your fingertips and hands if you use them to pat down your foundation or concealer (that’s what I do).

Which brings me to tip #2…

2. Don’t even attempt to do mascara or liner in the car

Just wait ’til you get to your destination, and apply there.

When I think of all the potholes on Highway 880, I can’t even deal. I won’t even attempt to put on mascara or liner in the car anymore, because what’s the point? It’s a surefire mess. Plus, chances are that nobody will notice that you aren’t wearing mascara or liner when you arrive wherever you’re going unless they’re looking really, really, really closely…in which case they’re freaks!

Whenever you get where you’re going, just head to the loo and touch up there.

On that note, if you are going to do liner, even at your destination, keep it simple. Resist the urge to bust out the cat liner. It’s just too stressful.

3. Keep it simple

I’m not about to do a cut crease in the car. It’s just too hard, and I’m not that talented. I stick to one shadow. One shadow, one brush, buff it out, and there you go. It doesn’t have to be difficult.

All this talk about cars…

My first car was a red ’95 Honda Civic named Murry…whom I had for approximately three hours before I crashed him!

Yes, I crashed my very first car on the very first day I had it. It was a classic Karen move.

OK, yeah, so…it was the day I picked up the car in Union City. That afternoon my parents and I drove the two hours up to where I was starting school at Davis. We took two cars. I drove the Honda, and Mom and Dad drove a truck loaded with my stuff.

So we get to Davis, they say bye, lots of kisses, and they drive back home. Me being the genius that I am, I immediately take the car to go visit my stupid-@ss boyfriend in Vallejo — my boyfriend that my parents don’t know about.

I crash the car in Vallejo, and I have to call my parents from my boyfriend’s house. They’re like, “What the $#@$ are you doing in Vallejo?! OMG, there’s a boy there?!”

They had to drive all the way to Vallejo to help me with the car… It was just awful.

What was your first car? And please tell me that your story is better than mine.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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