essie winter 2016

Essie Winter 2016 and my favorite Misa Jewelry Branch necklace

If I lost this necklace, I would cry a river of sparkly tears.

It was a very special present from El Hub last Valentine’s Day shortly before Connor was born, and the reason it’s so special to me is…

Well, first of all, I like the shape. It’s a branch by Misa Jewelry. I think I’ve talked about them before.

The owner, Misa Hamamoto, is based out of LA, and she’s got this sort of, almost Hawaii-like aesthetic — very beachy, organic and natural, but also elegant.

When I run my fingers over the branch, the surface doesn’t feel perfectly smooth. There are subtle imperfections in it, little bumps and ridges, like in a piece of driftwood. It really speaks to me.

It also reminds me of the last few weeks right before the baby came, that sort of end-of-the-road time when I was over being pregnant but also excited about the coming changes and a little afraid at the same time. I mean, it had just been me, El Hub and Tabs for a long time; we were adding a new branch to our family.

This is one of very few pieces of fine jewelry I own. I don’t own a lot of fancy jewelry because 1) I tend to lose it, and 2) because costume jewelry is so much fun! You can wear crazy gems and pearls the size of your fist — you know, things I would never be able to afford if they were real. Plus, if I lose costume jewelry, I’m not as completely devastated.

Maybe because the branch isn’t perfectly smooth, it looks extra sparkly and beautiful sometimes when the light hits it right. That’s why it reminded me of this golden bottle of Essie Getting Groovy from the six-piece Essie Winter 2016 Collection, which is available now ($9 each).

Getting Groovy has teeny, tiny golden glitter bits, and I’m wearing two layers of it in these pics. But you could probably get away with one. It’s very opaque.

I like that the flecks of glitter in it aren’t huge like they are in some glittery gold nail polishes. They’re more refined.

essie winter 2016 swatches

Swatches of the other five Essie Winter 2016 shades from the left: Go With the Flowy, Party on a Platform, Ready to Boa, Satin Sister and Oh Behave

There are also five other shades in the collection, and other than the gold, my faves are grayish white Go With the Flow, which has its own fine micro-glitter flecks, except that its flecks are green, purple and pink.

essie winter 2016 getting groovy

Getting Groovy Polish from Essie Winter 2016, along with a very special necklace

essie winter 2016 getting groovy

Getting Groovy

Surprisingly, though, you can’t really see the glitter directly when you get it on your nails. It definitely does reflect light, but the sparkle goes into hiding, just like Chanel secret shimmer does. It looks like something Chanel would do.

I also like the deep, dark green called Satin Sister. It reminds me of being in the jungle in Hawaii after it rains.

Ah… I wish I could teleport to Hawaii for a late lunch right now.

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