Hmm… The last time I had a super sleek, super structured non-messy hairstyle was…I don’t know, maybe six or seven years ago? So I’m leaning toward the “Messy Hair Is a Do” camp.

Actually, to be honest, I’m sitting here right now, and I haven’t even brushed my hair today. It’s close to 8 o’clock at night.

It is so messy! But I think the whole messy hair trend that’s been happening over the past few years is wonderful.

A big part of that is laziness because my hair is kind of wild naturally, so being able to have it be wild in society is a big plus for me. 🙂 I don’t have to spend so much time taming it.

Oh, my gosh! — like in the late ’90s and early 2000s, it took such an effort to make everything so straight and sleek and perfect. Flat irons weren’t even commonplace back then. You had to do it old-school with a hairdryer and a round brush, and that’s how you “flat-ironed,” quote, unquote.

Either that, or you used a real freakin’ iron, which I did! My mom caught me, and she was like, “You’re gonna burn your face off!” So that was the end of that.

So, messy hair, a total do. 🙂

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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