What exactly is going on here?

Is it creative baby fashion? I don’t know. I think it might be Connor’s version of sleeping with one leg outside the covers.

I walked in her room the other morning and found her awake like this in her Pack ‘n’ Play, bright-eyed and ready to go. It was equal parts weird and hilarious at the same time.

Connor is 7 ½ months old now, which makes me a little emo, because pretty soon she will have been in the outside world longer than she was in my tummy.

I know, I’m a sap…







A lot has happened in the “Learning the Ropes” department lately. She said her first word not long ago: “mama.”

Wha!? I know. I high-fived a million little angles. Both of us thought she was going to say “dada” first because of how obsessed she is with him.

Oh, and she can crawl now, sit up by herself, and she does this coy over-the-shoulder pose (I think she learned it Tabs).

She is SO obsessed with Tabs, too. I think that she thinks she’s a cat, because whenever she hears Tabs meow, she meows right back at him. Mind you, it’s not a full-on, throaty meow (due to her limited baby vocab, obvs). It’s more of a high-pitched, exploratory kitten meow (“Mmmmmmah!”), but she tries, though!

She’s always reaching out to pet and grab him, and Tabs plays along. He’s the most patient cat in the world, you guys, because sometimes she plays a little rough (she is a baby, after all). He lets her rub his haunches, touch his cheeks and scratch his head between his ears. Of course, I’m always supervising just in case.

Happy Caturday, my friend! How are you? What are you up to? I’m heading to the salon in a little while to get a quick bang trim. Do you have any beauty errands you have to run or anything like that? I mean, I have to do some regular errands, too, like grocery shopping, and I want to go to Cost Plus to get these stackable bowls for my mom and dad that look like oversized mugs. Let me know if you’re doing anything fun. I hope you’re doing something more exciting than I am.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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