palette kitty tote

I took this tote with me recently to Tahoe, and I’m not kidding, I must’ve fit about 55 diapers in here. Seriously, no joke, I’m so paranoid that I’m going to leave the house without enough diapers for Connor Claire, and this tote held all of her diapers for the trip and then some.

When I made this with my drawing supplies, I didn’t color in the palettes because I wanted to leave it up to imagination.

I dunno… What do you see? I have ombre visions of a light nude going into a dark brown — either that or a rainbow palette. I think a rainbow palette would be fun.

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palette kitty tote

Um…and you know what else? I also like that the handles are black, because that way if I have a little bit of makeup on my hands, it doesn’t really show on the handles.

But no worries if you do get your tote a little dirty (because, you know, you’re wearing it so often and you’re lovin’ it so hawd), you can just throw it in the wash!

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