space tabby throw pillow 2

Yeah, this pillow is craziness.

It’s absolutely nuts. THAT’S WHY I LOVE IT!

Uh…I think you know this guy on this side. 🙂 This cat has to be familiar to you, but if he isn’t, for shame!

This pillow is firm, yet squishy. I keep it upstairs in my office on my computer chair because it gives me nice lumbar support while I’m sitting there writing, a.k.a. staring out the window and pretending to write.

The outer portion of the pillow has a zipper and slips off, so if you want to wash it, you can, which is quite handy when you find cat/baby barf on it, and seriously, I find cat or baby barf on everything these days.

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Oh, yeah! – and there’s a positive affirmation on the back.

space tabby throw pillow 2

If you ever need validation about whether your makeup looks good, just hold up your pillow… YASSS! Are you making the right life decisions? YASSS! Should you have glazed pumpkin scones for dinner with half a bottle of wine? YASSS!

So many reasons to love the Space Tabby Throw Pillow.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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