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I was surprised by the response to a question I asked on Facebook yesterday about Instagram beauty — whether they found it inspirational or exhausting — and I honestly thought that most people would say, “It’s inspirational. I love it. I love seeing a glam face beat,” but there were a lot of different opinions.

Of course, some people said that they love that sort of look, but there were other people, too, who said, “You know, I’m kinda… It’s nice, but I’m kinda over it.”

One that really stuck with me was from a girl who had mentioned that she loves looking at the glam pictures because they give her ideas, and it motivates her to do her makeup every day, and in different ways, but at the same time she also recognized that when you put this one type of very specific look out there over and over and over again, and you put it up on a pedestal, it can alienate people who don’t look that way, or who aren’t that age, and I totally get that.

I mean, I feel that way sometimes. I wish that I could go on makeup pages or makeup accounts and see people in their 30s and 40s who actually look like they’re living real lives — you know, as opposed to these girls, who are beautiful; they’re glamorous — makeup done, hair done, dressed to the nines, and then they’ve got their girl squads, and then here I am, like, baby barf on my t-shirt, and I’m wearing stretchy pants.

I just was very surprised, in a good way, that there does seem to be people out there who are hungry for images of people who love beauty, but who may not necessarily be, like, hyper-edited and hyper-staged.

How do you feel about it? Do you find Instagram beauty accounts inspirational, or are you over it?

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P.S. Happy Caturday, my friend. 🙂 I hope you’re doing something fun this weekend. We’re on our way out the door to visit my parents in the East Bay. Maybe — just maybe — they’ll watch her for a few hours so El Hub and I can sneak away to a movie.

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