benefit brow kits

The new Benefit Brow Kits, $34 each

Good morning, glory! Today we’re talking brows, and I’m wondering…would any plaid skirt-wearing, midriff-bearing ’90s girl worth her salt have bothered with any of the new Benefit Brow Kits back in the day? As a survivor of the decade that gave us the Jeremy Jordan (and, as someone who plucked away her brows into oblivion), I think I can safely say HELL NO.

All matte errrthing? Coo’. Dark brown vampire lips? Feelin’ it. Of all the ’90s makeup trends that have boomeranged back into the public consciousness recently, I’m so happy the ’90s brow has stayed back in ye olde times.

OMG, dude. Or should I should I say ’90s non-brow? — because really, there wasn’t a whole lot of brow to be working with.

Drew Barrymore in the '90s  showing how it was done...

Drew Barrymore in the ’90s showing how it was done…

So, yeah, I love big brows and I cannot lie, and it looks like Benefit does too because their new $34 Brow Kits are all about full, lush brows.

Each one comes in versions with light, medium or dark shades and a different mix of full- and travel-sized brow products for specific looks…depending on what you’d like to wear with your Docs, velvet choker and your babydoll floral print dress that day. 🙂

The Soft & Natural Brows kit

benefit soft natural brows

First, to add just a little oomph to your natural brows, there’s the Soft & Natural Brows kit.

This one suits my style the most because I like a full brow that doesn’t look overly drawn in.

benefit soft natural brows

Wearing the Benefit Soft & Natural Brow kit

Of the products in this one, the star of the show has to be Ready Set Brow, which is THE BEST clear brow gel in the universe IMO (it totally kicks the Anastasia one I used for years to the curb). Seriously, you could moonwalk through a wind tunnel, and your brows would still be in place with this stuff.

The kit also includes a High Brow Pencil highlighting brow stick, a Goof Proof Brow Pencil (which really is goof-proof because of its smooth texture, and because it has a perfect amount of pigment), and some Shaping Stencils, which look particularly crazy when you take silly pics with them.

Just sayin’.

benefit shaping stencil

Shaping stencil!

The Defined & Refined Brows kit

benefit defined refined brows kit

The next level up is the Defined & Refined Brows kit. Grab this one if you want a step up from an uber-natural brow but aren’t ready to go full-on Insta-brows yet.

It includes a full-sized High Brow Pencil, a Browvo Conditioning Primer, a Precisely My Brow Pencil, and this magic wand-looking thingamabob called the Brow Mapping Tool, which you hold up to your brows at three different points (the kit comes with a how-to booklet) to find your ideal brow shape.

benefit defined refined brows

The tool from the Defined & Refined Brow kit

Thanks to this kit, I discovered my new favorite brow product — the SO GOOD Browvo Conditioning Primer. It’s like a clear, soft hold gel that you comb through your bare brows before filling them in, and it grabs whatever you use to fill in sparse spots (pencil, powder, gel, etc.) and keeps it from fading. I’m definitely adding it to my brow routine.

benefit defined refined brows

Wearing the Defined & Refined Brow kit

The Bigger & Bolder Brows kit

benefit bigger bolder brows kit

Finally, if you’re looking to crank your brows all the way up to full-on Insta-brow status, get them the Bigger & Bolder Brows kit.

benefit bigger bolder brows

Wearing the Bigger & Bolder Brows kit

This one comes with the big guns for dramatic brows — Ka-Brow Cream-Gel Brow Color (if you like a lot of color in your brows, it’s handy, and the hidden angled brush in the cap works surprisingly well), a tube of Ready Set Brow Gel, a High Brow Pencil and the Shaping Stencils.

All of the kits are available now at Benefit boutiques, Sephora, Ulta, Benefit counters and online, and they’re $34 each.

I know I ask this from time to time, but how have you been wearing your brows lately, and what are your favorite brow products at the moment?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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