bite beauty multistick

The new Bite Beauty Multisticks ($24 each)

Hand on my heart, my hoops and my high hair — today is the day I’m getting serious, y’all. I’m going to set down the Nutella jar and commit to get back into shape.

I will also do my level best to ignore the fact that every time I see one of these $24 Bite Beauty Multisticks…I wanna chomp into it like it’s a Twinkie.

bite beauty multistick

On paper, you totally could eat these multipurpose makeup sticks for eyes, cheeks and lips because, like all Bite Beauty products, they’re made with food-grade ingredients, but I haven’t tried it yet… But ya never know. I probably will. I have licked a lipstick before in the pursuit of makeup curiosity, haha!

bite beauty multistick

So, yeah, you could eat these if ya wanted to (which is nice to know, I suppose), but I don’t know if I’ve ever wanted to wear a creamy reddish brown like Almond on my eyes, my lips and my cheeks at the same time… It seems like it would be a little much, right? Like a dude wearing one too many gold chains?

bite beauty multistick 1

But nooooo! For some reason, that monochromatic look — wearing matching eyeshadow, blush and lipstick, which is sort of what these are designed for — works with these Multisticks because…

  1. They have a flawless finish. It’s satiny, so they reflect a touch of light, which makes them eye-catching, but they aren’t glossy or “editorial” in that they look like something you’d only see on runway models or in magazines.
  2. They’re a perfect balance between a cream and a powder, and when you first apply one to your face (you can use either your fingers or a brush), they feel like a silky, easy-to-blend cream.

    But over the course of about five minutes they dry down to a fine, almost imperceptible powder. It’s enough time to blend and play, which is great because if you make any mistakes, you have time correct them.

  3. They last a pretty long time for a cream-to-powder product. I get about six hours on my eyes (but I do see a little creasing after about 45 minutes, whether I wear them with or without primer, but it’s no big deal), about five hours on my cheeks and four hours on my lips.
  4. The colors are pure purr-fection. I mean…some of them look cray in the swatches, I know, especially the ones with reddish tones, but they totally work, and not just as blushes or lipsticks, but as eyeshadows, too.

I have to admit that I was skeptical about the whole monochromatic thing until I put Almond (the reddish brown shade I’m wearing in these pics) on my lids, lips and cheeks…

It blew me away! I think it’s lovely and wearable.

I wouldn’t be surprised if teams of Bite Beauty bad-@sses tirelessly tweaked these colors over and over again because they all look purposeful well-conceived, not like someone made them primarily for your eyes or your lips and then treated how they’d look on your cheeks as an afterthought.

bite beauty multistick swatches 3

bite beauty multistick swatches 1

bite beauty multistick swatches 2

bite beauty multistick almond k2

Wearing Almond on my eyes, cheeks and lips

bite beauty multistick almond k1

Wearing Almond…and contemplating Nutella

I can’t praise these gorgeous sticks enough. I mean, you could be putting on your makeup half-awake and still look like you tried (HUGE plus for me these days, LOL!).

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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