kit hooks brushbar

So I was spelunking through my bag for MAC Costa Riche yesterday when I realized, “Yeah, OK… I’m going to need one more of those Brushbar thingamabobs.”

Because once you get a taste of That Organized Life? — man! It’s must be how newborn vampires feel on the first night, or people who’ve never had ice cream before when they get their first taste of Rocky Road.


kit hooks brushbar

Technically, The Brushbar by Kit + Hooks is designed to hold your makeup brushes upright so you can find them easily, but I don’t see why you can’t also use them to hold other things like eyeliners and lipliners.

Ideally, one for eyeliners, one for lipliners, one for eye brushes, another for face brushes, and then one more to hold the 19 pens and pencils rolling across my desk at any given moment. 🙈

kit hooks brushbar

Since each $25 Brushbar is compact (just eight inches long by two inches wide), you can line them up next to each other to maximize precious desk/vanity real estate.

Makes finding things way easier than rumaging through a bag, box or drawer.

kit hooks brushbar

They’re small but mighty, and they hold a surprising amount of schtuff! They have a cool removable silicone tray that hugs the brush handles to keep them upright, and the silicone stretches as it grips the base of each brush. Depending on the width of the brushes you insert in the tray (brushes with a chunkier base, like face and foundation brushes, take up more room), I can fit between 20-40 brushes in each one.

Yay for smart storage solutions! 🙂

As far as I know, the Brushbar is available exclusively online at for $25.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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