dior parisian sky

The $63 (!) Dior Parisian Sky Eyeshadow Palette

Hair flips 💁 and air kisses 💕💄💋 to reader Tatiana for pointing out to me that the design on the pans in the new Dior Parisian Sky Eyeshadow Palette look like the frame of the Eiffel Tower’s arches.

Seriously, how did I not see that??

Actually, wait — I know how. I’ve had a sh*t ton on my mind lately! And there’s only so much space up there between the makeup and the cats and the crawling, teething baby…

Hoh! But Dior’s attention to detail is a surefire recipe for lusty-lust.

dior parisian sky

Details, details!

First things first, feel free to call me whatever you want — whether it be “hoarder of all the brown shadows” or “neutrals, sucka!” or “last person on earth who needs another palette of earthy golden browns.” Seriously, call me whatever colorful nicknames you can come up with to describe someone who loves browns because…what can I say? I love browns. 🙂 And this palette doesn’t have just one or two of them. It has three, and they make me wanna do the Snake, and the Robot, and the Running Man. At the same time.


I mean, who gets emo about browns? THIS CHICK RIGHT HURR.

dior parisian sky swatches

Dior Parisian Sky swatches

Even though I like them both equally, I think I’ll get more use out of this palette than the purple-powered Dior Capital of Light Eyeshadow Palette #806 we looked at a few days ago.

There’s a dark warm reddish brown that looks like an eyeshadow version of MAC Teddy liner; a glossy, medium golden brown similar to a supercharged version of MAC Soba eyeshadow; and a light and juicy peachy gold brown.

All three glow with Dior’s signature finish that goes easy on the fine lines, and they feel smoother than the sound of LL Cool J whispering “I need love” in yo’ ear…

I mixed all three of them on my lids for a smoky brown eye fest today.

Oh, and FYI, that darkest brown shade? It’s SO not playin’.

dior parisian sky

The first time I used that particular shade, I mistakenly assumed that I’d be able to just drop a truck load of it into the outer corner, buff it out, and we’d be good, but nope. I ended up with a case of waaaaay too much of it in the outer corner, so I kept blending it and blending it and blending it, and it was going higher and higher and spreading out…

It just took over the whole dang thing, so I ended up wiping it off and starting over.

*shrugs* Lessoned learned here: go easy on that dark brown, lest you look all sorts of cray. You only need a smidgen because it’s concentrated.

Actually, all of these browns are fairly concentrated, now that I think about it, and thank goodness, really, because who has time to build up layer upon layer of eyeshadows when there are more important things to do like obsess over where the heck Ryan Gosling has been. SERIOUSLY, WHERE IS HE?!? I will never forgive Eva for taking him away from us…

dior parisian sky

Anywho, amidst all of this palette’s delicious caramel and chocolatey goodness are also a refreshing baby blue and a dove gray.

At first, I wasn’t sure how or even if they belonged with these browns in the same palette, but they made more sense once I got them on my inner lid, where they make the browns look richer.

Also, and even more importantly, when I plop them on my inner lids and in the corners, I think my eyes look bigger. Yay!

As for fallout, there’s very little with these shadows, and I get 12 full hours of color and shine, which I know because I’ve been working some long days lately. I see very little creasing and fading from them at the finish line.

If you’re interested, get thee to a Dior counter RIGHT MEOW, because this one and the Dior Capital of Light Eyeshadow Palette are limited edition as part of the Dior Skyline fall collection.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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