nars radiant creamy concealer

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer — now in six new shades!

I like eating peaches…and I like wearing peach-toned under-eye concealer.

What does this have to do with NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer?

Well, the whole “eating peaches” bit has absolutely nothing to do with it. I’m just super obsessed with peaches right now, and I got a huge box from Trader Joe’s last week, so I’ve been in peach heaven.

But the thing about peach-toned concealer is marginally related, because NARS just added six new Radiant Creamy Concealer shades to the line, and a couple of them have peachy undertones, woo-hoo!

Let's do this

Let’s do this

Back when NARS first released their creamy, full-coverage Radiant Creamy Concealers, it shook up the makeup world. A lot of peeps fell in love (myself included), because of how good they were/are at doing so many things.

And they completely cover everything.


Yet somehow still look natural.

nars radiant creamy concealer swatches 1

From the left, NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Chantilly, Vanilla, Creme Brulee (NEW) and Canelle (NEW)

I tiny bit of the super concentrated formula goes a long way, and the light-diffusing finish bounces back a little of the light that hits it, so the finish isn’t a completely flat matte. Skin still looks like skin.

I’ve been hoping that NARS would add more peach- and pink-toned shades because, when you have dark circles like I do, concealers with peach or pink undertones are your tired self’s BFF.

nars radiant creamy concealer swatches 2

Honey, Custard, Macadamia (NEW) and Ginger

Have you ever noticed how some concealers, when you pop them on your dark circles, end up looking sort of gray-ish? That happens to me all the time. Concealers with yellowish tones don’t cancel out the purple or blue areas, and they end up looking gray, like I’m zombie Karen, and it’s so not cute (side note: Walking Dead later this month!).

I'm going to be on The Walking Dead!

Zombie Karen!!

But peach or pink-toned concealers (I think pink seems to work better for lighter lasses and peach for gals with medium and deeper skintones) color correct and cancel out those purple or blue tones, leaving the under-eye area looking brighter, more refreshed and, OMG, not gray, LOL!

It’s kind of a big deal.

nars radiant creamy concealer swatches 3

Biscuit, Caramel, Chestnut (NEW) and Amande

Of the six new Radiant Creamy Concealer shades, I’m super stoked about Macadamia, which is a medium one with peachy undertones (my NARS foundation shade is St. Mortiz, by the way).

And the Radiant Creamy Concealers aren’t just great for hiding dark circles. You can also use them to highlight, or countour, or to even out your complexion on other parts of your face.

nars radiant creamy concealer swatches 4

Hazelnut (NEW), Cafe, Cacao and Dark Coffee (NEW)

I mainly use them as under-eye concealer, and I recommend only using the smallest amount — I’m talking three or four tiny dots per eye, max — because they’re VERY concentrated. Then, gently pat and blend them into your skin with a damp BeautyBlender, and set with a little powder.

If I use even a tad too much of this concealer, the coverage looks heavy and draws attention to my fine lines, blergh!

Seriously, use the littlest amount possible. I can’t stress that enough.

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer is part of the NARS permanent line, and the shades are $28 each.

The NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer colors

  • Chantilly: True ivory shade for fairest complexions
  • Vanilla: Tiny cast of pink for fair complexions
  • Creme Brulee (NEW): Fair with a light pink undertone
  • Canelle (NEW): Light with a peachy undertone
  • Honey: Warm peach tone for light to medium complexions
  • Custard: Yellow tone for light to medium complexions
  • Macadamia (NEW): Medium with a peachy undertone
  • Ginger: Golden undertone for medium complexions
  • Biscuit: Medium dark natural balance of pink and yellow undertones
  • Caramel: Medium dark yellow and golden undertones
  • Chestnut (NEW): Medium with a pink undertone
  • Amande: Medium dark with golden olive undertones
  • Hazelnut (NEW): Medium dark with a warm red undertone
  • Cafe: Dark shade with red undertones
  • Cacao: Dark shade with deep gold-brown undertones
  • Dark Coffee (NEW): Dark brown with an olive undertone

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