Oh, glitter… All I wanna do is wear the sparkly stuff! Glitter is like the Disneyland of makeup, but it’s not always a smooth ride.

The MAC Dazzleshadows make it easy to get your glitter fix because they combine good-sized glitter flecks with a pigmented base.

There are 10 new Dazzleshadow shades in the MAC Bangin’ Brilliant collection, all of which are permanent, and here are three of them: Can’t Stop Don’t Stop isa deep plummy purple; Feel the Fever, a deep bluish purple with pink glitter; and Get Physical, which is a purple with light blue glitter.

The Dazzleshadows are more than just sparkly; they don’t just shimmer. They actually have tiny flecks of glitter in a pressed powder formula (here’s another look at them).

Sometimes I like a bad girl smoky eye, and these look amaze layered on top of a black base. Like, sometimes I’ll start with a black kohl liner, a black cream shadow or a black shadow stick from my lash lines to my crease. Then I’ll pat one of the Dazzleshadows on top and add mascara.

Just like that, and without having to contend with a jar of loose glitter, I’m ready to rumble. Just add black leather jacket and motorcycle.

mac banging brilliant dazzleshadow swatches

From the left: MAC Get Physical, Feel the Fever, and Can’t Stop Don’t Stop

Sparkly, pigmented and glittery, the Dazzleshadows are low-maintenance fun (at least, low maintenance for glitter). If you like the Urban Decay Moondust shadows and/or NARS Hardwired shadows, I bet you’ll like the Dazzleshadows, too.

I think they’re probably closer to UD’s Moondusts… The particles of glitter are closer in size (I think the NARS Hardwired flecks are finer) — but they aren’t exactly huge. I mean, these glitters are still on the small side of the overall glitter scale… Not like the glitter you’d wear to a 1999 NSYNC concert, LOL!

When I’m working with these, I do my eyes first, then clean up afterwards, because the glitter particles like to go hiking around the hills and valleys of my face (that’s one way to put it).

There is some fallout, so I keep a makeup wipe handy for cleanup and go on my merry way.

If you feel like giving low-fuss glitter a try (fall is a great time to play with glitter), the MAC Dazzleshadows are $18 each and available now.

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