The first thing Tabs always does when he goes outside to inspect the garden on the deck is walk straight up to either the one zucchini squash plant or one of the tomato plants and take a big chomp out of the biggest leaf.

Maybe it’s how he samples the merchandise, and every time I say, “No, Tabs!” I think he takes it as a polite suggestion, like he’ll take it under advisement.

He loves gardening, but mostly in a supervisory capacity. Most of the time he doesn’t actually like to get his paws dirty.

He also likes to rub his cheeks against the corners of the pots and planters after inspecting them. It’s his official stamp of quality control approval. “Inspected by Tabs.” And he also has to do his weekly 360-degree inspection of every square inch of the entire garden, where he checks behind the plants, in between them and even on top of the planters. It’s something to see a 20-pound tabby squeezing into a potted plant.

Next year his plans are to create a larger container area strictly planted with cat grass, sort of like a portable lawn that he can stretch out on without his girth hanging over the sides. It will be an engineering marvel akin to one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Tabs is doing the landscape design, but the project lead will be El Hub. 🙂




And just like he always has after a long day of gardening, Tabs still likes to unwind with a few minutes of meow time in a cardboard box.

As far as relaxing activities, he highly recommends it.


Your friendly neighborhood beauty addicts,

Karen and Tabs

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