Things I seemed to always be doing in the ’90s while wearing brown lipstick…

  • Running to the bus stop (I was always *that close* to missing the bus).
  • Standing awkwardly in the corner of the room at house parties with a red cup in my hand.
  • Checking my pager, which I kept in the front pocket of the jeans I got using my employee discount at Miller’s Outpost (OMG). And I thought I was hot sh*t because my pager was white, LOL!
  • Falling asleep in the library with my head in an open chemistry book and waking up covered in drool.
  • Going to Tower Records (but never actually buying anything).

I’m getting all the ’90s feels from the new liquid lippies in the Tarte Tartiest Creamy Matte Lip Paint Naughty Nudes line ($20 each, available in five shades).

These vegan full-coverage mattes glide across lips with an unscented, unflavored, cruelty-free formula, and they feel like soft mousse. Plus, unlike many of the liquid lipsticks out there now, they stay wet and maleable while you wear them, so they don’t dry all the way down.

The five comfy, creamy, moisturizing shades even have ’90s-inspired names. There’s Choker (a warm brown), Rave (a greige), Grunge (a dark brown), Crop Top (a mauve brown) and Brownie (a brown).

I know they look kinda shiny in these swatches (I think it’s due to the flash), but I swear on my favorite Biggie Smalls mixtape that they’re full-on mattes.

tarte tariest lip paint naught nudes swtaches

The Tarte Tartiest Lip Paint Naughty Nudes swatches from the left in Rave, Choker, Brownie, Crop Top and Grunge

Overall, I think these are fetch! The only thing is, they do tend to move, so be careful, or they’ll smudge outside your natural lip lines.

What were you always doing (or doing a lot) in the ’90s while you were wearing brown lipstick?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


P.S. Not a day goes by when I don’t thank the stars above for the non-existence of social media when I was a teen, partly because I was a hot mess, and partly because of my questionable fashion sense.

Have ever seen the movie Fear with Reese Witherspoon?

I dressed exactly like her character. 🙂


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