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My new favorite fill-in-those brows trick is to fill in the sparse spots using a flat eyeshadow brush and brow powder or an eyeshadow.

I’m always in favor of, like, evolving and switching up your brow game, because I just think it’s fun to try different products, methods and looks, and this brow look, I feel, is one of the most natural looking. And it’s super duper easy.

brows before and after

The trick is to use a flat eyeshadow brush with a stiff, dense brush head. I alternate between a MAC 239 and a Burberry No. 08 (whatever one is closest and/or less dirty, ha!), and all I do is load the brush with an eyeshadow that’s slightly lighter than my natural brow color.

I use MAC Brun, which is a matte dark brown, and the reason I go with something slightly lighter than my natural brow color is because if I don’t, and I use a black shade closer to my natural hair color, all I can see are BROWS, BROWS, BROWS.

It’s too much.

Using an ever-so-slightly lighter shade tones it down.

brow tools

First, starting with naked brows, I brush a clear brow gel (the new one by Benefit is really great) through the hairs starting on the inner side (closer to my nose) and moving out toward the outer tail. Then I let that dry.

Basically, that gives the eyeshadow something to adhere to, and it corrals the hairs, shapes the brow, and makes it easier for me to see precisely where I need to fill.

Then I load my flat eyeshadow brush and fill in the sparse spots.

That’s it!

The look lasts all day and looks natural in person and in pictures too.

Try it sometime! 🙂

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