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Expensive vs Cheap Makeup Packaging

Despite these Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipsticks By Kate Moss being pretty good quality, I feel like when I use them, I don’t get the same makeup experience as when I use, say, a YSL lipstick.

Well, to me, makeup packaging is very important.

Because makeup isn’t just about the way I look after I’ve made up my face. For me, more importantly, it’s about the overall experience and how much I enjoy putting it on.

I mean, it’s like when I go to a restaurant where the food is presented in a creatively appealing way. To begin with, the food they serve has to be good, but the way it’s presented definitely adds to the culinary experience.

(Speaking of which, if you ever come to Bologna, make sure you go to Casa Monica and La Taverna del Farneto, my favorite restaurants in the area. Amazing food, outstanding service and a relaxed atmosphere — a perfect combination, if you ask me!)

Same goes for makeup. The products have to be good, but if they also come in beautiful packaging, it makes the experience more enjoyable.

Beautiful Makeup Packaging

I have a soft spot for pretty packaging… Can you tell?

That being said, some pretty packaging costs a lot, so I think it’s great that there are also good quality products that come in plain, inexpensive packaging and retail for less than the cost of a kale smoothie. It’s good to have options, right?

Now that I think about it, when I said that makeup packaging is very important to me, I should’ve actually said that it’s very important for certain product categories.

Like, if they’re in my budget, I’ll usually buy beautifully packaged lipsticks, eyeshadows, bronzers, blushes and palettes, while, most of the time, I’m happy with drugstore mascaras and eyeliners (provided the quality is good, obviously).

With the latter, even when they’re high end, I don’t really get that luxe feeling that I get from those other products (especially lipsticks). Do you know what I mean?

Carolina Braina

Hey, ladies (and gents), it’s Carolina here, reporting live from Bologna, Italy, to bring you the latest and greatest in beauty from the good ol’ continent! For an extra dose of that timeless Italian glam with a touch of humor and self-irony (because, you know, laughter is the best makeup), come say hi at carolinapage.eu and Instagram.

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