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Wearing some MAC Bangin’ Brilliant today!

Can I just say, it took all of my strength to NOT wear nude lips with this look today, but I dug deep and busted out a glossy, orangey red instead. Thank you, babe, for giving me strength!

You know, it’s funny…but this is basically the same look I’ve been rocking for the last five months or so — winged liner, lashes and lipstick — but with slight adjustments, and it’s kind of amazing (and I forget this sometimes) how a few simple tweaks can turn something routine and basic into something new and different.

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Hey, girl, haaaay!

When I did my winged liner this morning, instead of doing a teeny, tiny kitten flick in basic black, I used a teal eyeshadow (worn as an eyeliner) and exaggerated the flick a little more than usual.

Then for my lashes, instead of using mascara, I grabbed my good ol’ trusty Ardell Demi-Wispies (which I’m able to put on in my sleep now, for reals).

And for my lips, instead of going the nude route, I reached for a glossy reddish orange gloss.

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Summery teals and oranges, yum!

Most of the key products I used for the look are from MAC, with a couple of items from the new MAC Bangin’ Brilliant collection.

Remember Teal Appeal, that teal I was drooling over yesterday?

Yeah! I managed to get it on my lids sooner than later (small victories!), and that’s what I’m wearing on my lash lines. I’m also wearing MAC Bangin’ Brilliant Blush in Bright Response on my cheeks.

mac bangin brilliant fotd

Some new obsessions…

Just briefly, and I can go into more detail later if you want me to (lemme know), here are some high points about the products I used.

MAC Matchmaster Shade Intelligence Compact in 4.0 ($36): MAC’s new-ish CC compact (it came out a few months back)? AMAZE. If you want a flawless skin look that also looks great in flash photography, it’s unbelievable.

MAC Pro Longwear Waterproof Colour Stick in Sand Bar ($22): Sand Bar hails from MAC’s Pro Longwear Waterproof Colour Stick collection, also new-ish.

Uh…where has this been all my life? It’s basically a perfect matte neutral tan eyeshadow in a creamy stick, and UGH! — it’s so good it hurts.

Tom Ford High Definition Eye Liner in Azure ($42): This super skinny pencil liner by Tom Ford is my everything. It’s dark blue, pigmented and absolutely waterproof.

SO expensive, too, but it delivers.

So, yeah. That’s what I’m rockin’ today, and I’m pretty stoked about it. The teal and orange feel summery, and the look didn’t take long to do.

I’m kind of relieved, to be honest, to not spend forever and a day on my makeup and still really like how it turned out. Like, seriously, during those P.C. days (also known as the “Pre-Connor days”), I often spent an hour doing my makeup, but this only took about 25 minutes, WHICH I LOVE.

It’s a whole new world.

MAC’s First Sample Sale!

mac attack

Speaking of MAC, if you live in the New York area or plan to be there later this month, MAC will be hosting their very first sample sale ever, and it’ll be in New York, which reminds me…why do they call them sample sales? But I digress…

Seasonal items, limited edition colors and fan faves will be on sale up to 60% off (OMG!).

Hmm… El Hub’s birthday is later this month. Would it be too tacky of me to give him (us) a trip to New York? I’d be all, “They have the biggest comic book store in America! We should totally go!”


Here’s where the sale will be:

Metropolitan Pavilion
4th Floor
123 West 18th St
New York, NY 10011

And the dates…

July 19, 2PM – 7PM
July 20, 9AM – 7PM
July 21, 9AM – 7PM
July 22, 9AM – 4PM

You know I love a good deal. 🙂

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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