I’m very confident that Tabs would have fared well during Egyptian times.

He and I were watching Terminator: Genesis yesterday (well, we were trying to, but the movie’s just so bad…), and during one of the time travel scenes, I looked over at Tabs and wondered what would happen if he accidentally stepped into a time machine and ended up in the time of the Pharaohs.

I’m 100% sure that somebody would have put some jewelry on him and stuck him on a gold throne, and he would have been cool with it, because he already thinks he’s being worshipped as it is.



I forget sometimes that you can’t just walk up to any old cat and put some Hello Kitty bling on them, but Tabs has always been pretty cooperative. Sometimes I’ll dangle a bag of treats in front of him to catch his eye, since he’s very food motivated (as you can tell by his tum), but most of the time he’s just happy to sit there for a few minutes and pose with his necklaces or his cat props while I snap a few pics.



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