What’s your current makeup brush storage situation?

Do you stick them in your favorite mug (the one that says “Crazy Cat Lady” on it), throw them in your makeup bag, or drop ’em in a box all willy-nilly? Or do you do something else?

For the longest time, I kept mine in this roll-up travel bag contraption with different compartments, and served me well for many, many years, but — SADNESS! — I guess I loved my brushes so hawd that a few of the compartments have holes in them. The bag is falling apart. 🙁


So I’ve been looking for a replacement, or another solution to this obviously pressing dilema, for a few months…

On a recent trip to Homegoods with my friend Marisol, Marisol picked up a desktop organizer similar to the Sheffield Home 6-Section Desktop Organizer ($19.99) pictured at the top, but she got it in black.

They’re kind of like a lazy susan for desktop accessories — ya know, pencils, pens and whatnot — but you can also use it as a makeup brush holder.


I didn’t get one that day because I wanted a different color to fit my office decor, but every time I’ve gone back to Homegoods since then I’ve looked specifically for that twirly thingamabob. I’ve seem it in brown, black, white and gray, and a different version where the carousel sides are shorter and more squat.

But then this past weekend I went and saw this mint green one, and I was like, “Yup! That’s it!”

I think the beauty in this thing is that you can separate your brushes in whatever way makes sense to you, whether it’s by brush function, shape, whether they’re clean or dirty, or how often you use them.

Oh, and it twirls, which is nice.

If you live by a Homegoods, keep an eye out for this bad boy. I found mine in the section where they have office furniture and supplies, but I’ve also seen it in the aisles near the big storage boxes and baskets by the bathroom items.


Let me know how you store your brushes in the comments. Bonus Q: Are your brushes currently clean or dirty? I’ve got a whole pile of dirty ones waiting to be washed.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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