If Tabs has a favorite toy of all, it might be this squeaky little squirrel.

The squeak doesn’t sound anything like a squirrel, and it doesn’t even really look like a squirrel. It’s tiny like a mouse, but Tabs bats it around like he’s playing racquetball with himself!


And every time he taps it, it squeaks.


Sometimes I’ll be upstairs at my desk, and I’ll just hear this constant squeaking coming from downstairs, coupled with the sound of husky tabby paws running and jumping.



The only thing is, the toy always ends up stuck under a cabinet or a couch, and then Tabs will walk around mewling with a concerned look on his face, like “Where the hell is my toy!?”


Tabs also loves his little laser pointer and his crinkly ball and anything with dangling, glittery string, but I don’t think anything can hold a candle to this squirrel (and it’s less than $3 at amazon). He gives it two very enthusiastic paws up. It’s his cat dream toy.

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